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How to Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is quickly becoming one of the more preferred methods of payment, from online marketplaces to gaming platforms. As more and more companies and individuals accept bitcoin, the need to exchange fiat for the cryptocurrency quickly, safely and efficiently has also risen. If you’re looking for a reliable team of cryptocurrency experts to delve into the world of bitcoin with, you’ve come to the right place. With competitive rates, an extensive knowledge of the digital currency market and amazing customer service, we’re your number one choice for fiat-to-bitcoin exchange.

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Our Exchange

Our services are made for every type of bitcoin user, from the beginner who is just starting out to the expert who makes high-volume exchanges regularly. Getting started couldn't be easier. Simply create an account using a piece of ID, a copy of a utility bill with your current address, your credit card number and your bitcoin wallet address. Once your documents have been verified and your account is set up, you can choose a purchasing level and get to exchanging your traditional money for bitcoin!
Note that bitcoin will be deposited into your wallet up to 12 hours after your payment is received.

Our Team

We’ve put together a team of cryptocurrency experts who can answer all of your bitcoin questions, no matter how in-depth.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to get you your bitcoin in a timely, efficient, dynamic fashion. We’re here for our bitcoin-buying community.

Our Features

We offer our users an experience like no other, from our competitive rates to our amazing support staff. Buy with us today!


By offering our buyers different packages, we can accommodate clients of all knowledge levels. Whether you’re at the beginning stages of bitcoin buying or you’re a crypto-expert, we have something for you.

Level One


For our first purchasing level, we’re offering a $200 USD daily limit and a $1,000 USD monthly limit, which is perfect for someone who is just starting out with bitcoin and is unsure how much they will need.

Level Two


For our more intermediate users, we suggest the second buying level. With a daily limit of $1,000 USD and a monthly maximum of $5,000 USD, this offers you more freedom and a larger purchase volume.

Level Three


Our third package is for our more knowledgeable purchasers and clients who have used our services to buy before, affording you up to $1,000 USD worth of bitcoin daily with a $10,000 USD monthly limit.

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